Eric Ness Christiansen

Born in Drammen, Norway in 1985 and been painting graffiti-art since 1999.

Eric’s roots as an artist are in graffiti. Over the years, his style has

developed from pure typography into modern art, where imagery and graffiti blends together. You will find most of his paintings on concrete walls, but lately, his works can also be found on canvas or prints. His latest works show elements from street and pop art mixed with rough graffiti, giving him a distinguished and very personal style.

All the art of Eric is based on a strong urge for getting colors and design out in public to make people remember that our surroundings should contain entertainment for everybody regardless age, sex and interests. And give the public rights to make their mark on society and not just in society like humanity has been doing since break of dawn.

Taking the artform to the public with nearly 5000m2 covered in his distinct art, lead to Eric being the first norwegian graffiti artist to have a graffiti painting bought by a Museum and now cooperate with serious firms as both Curator and artist.

Today Eric work as a artist still producing amounts of temporary graffiti in addition to making canvases for private orders, Curator and Owner of Final Outlines AS, Co-founder of Final Outline Publishing  together with Philantrop Gjermund Hansen and owner of Final Outlines Gallery located in Drammen, Norway.

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